Uses Of Pets In coin Master

Pets are support system in Coin Master that offer various benefits and extra advantages to players. These  pets play a significant role in improving your gameplay experience. Let's explore the different types and uses of pets in Coin Master:

1. Boosting Rewards from Raids and Attacks

One of the primary functions of pets in Coin Master is to boost the rewards you receive from raids and attacks. Each pet has a different skill that can drastically increase the number of coins you earn when raiding other players' villages or attacking them. These coins can help you in building and construction of your village.

2. Pet Snacks and XP

To make your pets more effective, you can feed them Pet Snacks. By feeding your pets these pet food, you can increase their XP and level them up. As pets level up, pets become more efficient, providing even greater rewards and coins during raids and attacks.

3. Special Abilities

Apart from enhancing raid and attack rewards, pets have special abilities that can help you in various ways. For instance, some pets offer shield which is necessary to protect village from attack or even reduce the cost of village upgrades. Utilizing these abilities can make a huge impact in your gameplay.

4. Pet Adoption Events

Sometime Coin Master hosts special events where you can adopt new pets or win rare and powerful pets. Don't forget to Participate in these events as these events are highly rewarding. Acquiring these new pets gives you more options for increasing your rewards and earnings.

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