Types Of Chests in Coin master ?

Chests are valuable rewards in Coin Master that contain a wide range of rewards, including coins, spins, cards, and even pet food. These chests are important for leveling up in the game and to build and upgrade your village. Let's explore the different types of chests you can find in Coin Master:

1. Wooden Chest

The Wooden Chest is the most basic and common type of chest in Coin Master. It usually contains a two star cards. Wooden chest can be purchased using coins and sometime you may win on completion of event. If you buy wooden chests, coin master will rewards you 2 cards.

2. Golden Chest

The Golden Chest is a step up from the Wooden Chest and offers 3 star and 4 star cards. Players can find a higher level of cards in a Golden Chest, making it a more exciting for those looking to expand their village and complete card sets.

3. Magical Chest

Chances of getting golden cards and rare card is higher in magical chest. In a Magical Chest, players can find a larger collection of cards, and even the chance to discover special and rare cards that are harder to come by. You get 8 cards when you open or buy magical chests

4. Fortune Chest

The Fortune Chest holds an impressive fortune of rewards. Players can find a  coins and cards in a Fortune Chest, along with a higher probability of obtaining rare and golden cards to complete the card set.

5. Mystery Chest

The Mystery Chest can contain a mix of coins, cards, and spins, adding an element of surprise and excitement to the game.

6. Ruby Chest

In a Ruby Chest, players can find a massive amount of coins, a variety of rare cards, and a chance to receive pet food to level up the pet strength.

7. Valentine's Chest

The Valentine's Chest is a limited-time chest available during special events. It also contains cards, spins, and coins, celebrating the love and friendship in the game.

8. Saphire Chest

The Sapphire Chest is a premium chest that comes with premium rewards. Players can find a significant amount of coins, spins ,rarest cards, and an increased chance of pet food to feed their pets.

9. Viking Chest

You may get viking chest on completion of viking event. On completion of 6th and 10th stage, you will definitely receive golden cards from viking chest.

10. Easter Chest

The Easter Chest is a special chest available during the Easter event. It contains Easter-themed cards, spins, and coins, spreading holiday cheer among players.

Final Words

Chests are the heart of Coin Master's reward system, providing players with valuable resources to progress in the game. From the common Wooden Chest to the Ruby Chest, each type of chest offers its own unique rewards, making every chest opening a delightful experience. Keep spinning, raiding, attacking and participating in events to unlock these chests.

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