How to activate ghost mode in coin master?

What is ghost mode? want to know more about ghost mode in coin master?

if you want to know everything about coin master ghost mode then you are at right place.

Coin master is very interesting because of its game play. Lots of feature are officialy announced but some of feature are hidden in game.

Activating ghost mode in coin master is one of them.

It is a simple trick used by player to protect village from friends and attacker. After activating ghost mode, your friends can't trace your account and your position in the game.

Follow below steps to activate ghost mode.

Here's How to activate ghost mode in coin master?

1.Go to facebook

2. Then Setting

3. Open App and Website

4. Select coin master game

5. Remove coin master

it's done

After removing coin master from app and website list, ghost mode is activated. Now when you open a game it ask you to login with facebook . Ignore those pop up and continue play.

Note: If you again fill the facebook login credential , then you are no longer in ghost mode.

Benefit of ghost mode

There are lots of advantages of activating ghost mode in coin master. Some are given below:

  • No one can track you. no one can see your progress in the game.
  • Your friends don't get a chance to raid your village so you can save millions of coin after activation.
  • Attacker can't attack at your village. Activating ghost mode help you protect your village from enemy and safeguard your village like additional shield.

So don't waste your time and activate ghost mode right now.

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