Types of Pets in Coin Master


In the Coin Master game world , players are accompanied by a delightful array of pets, each with its extra ordinary features and abilities. These pets play a vital role in the game, enhancing the gameplay experience and providing various benefits to the players. Let's explore the different types of pets you can encounter in Coin Master:
  • Foxy 
  • Tiger
  • Rhino

1. Foxy

Foxy is used at the time of raid. With Foxy as your pet, you have a chance to win extra during a raid, increasing the number of rewards you can dig up. This feature increase their loot during raids.

2. Tiger

Tiger is a powerful pet that increase your attack strength. With Tiger by your side, you can damage even more at the time of attack, increasing your chances of success and obtaining more coins. Having Tiger as your pet can make you a more powerful in the game.

3. Rhino

Rhino is a pet that helps protect your village from enemy attacks. With Rhino's defensive abilities, you have a more chance of blocking attacks and save your hard-earned coins. Having Rhino as your pet after building village offers more security in the world of Coin Master.

4. Foxy Cleopatra

Foxy Cleopatra is a special version of Foxy, with enhanced abilities. This exclusive pet increases the chances of finding two shovels during raids, providing even greater rewards. 

The world of Coin Master is full with lots of pets, each with its unique abilities and feature. Whether you need extra opportunity during raids, attacks, defense, or enhanced card collection, there's a perfect pet waiting to join your adventure. 

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