List of Rare Cards in coin master?

Do You want to collect rare card in coin master? Today I will share the list of rare cards with you and I will also share how to collect these rare cards. I will share the golden card with you in the list of rare cards. And I will also tell you the trick to collect this golden card. 

The coin master gives lots of rewards in daily free such as spins, coins, pet foods etc. So If you want to know how to collect rare cards, then you are in the right place.

What Is Rare Cards?

A nine card is required to complete a card set in the coin master. When a card is not easily found it is called Rare Cards. You can collect these rare cards by going to the Coin Master Trading Group, in addition to that if your friend has that card extra then you can take it from him.

You can trade up to 5 cards in a day. There is also a condition that you cannot trade the Golden Card directly. Trading the Golden Card can only be done at the Golden Event.

When you collect all the rare cards and golden, your card set completes and you get spins and coins gifts.

List Of Rare Card?

I will share with you the list of most rare cards of coin master including golden cards.

  • Flamingo
  • Holy Monk
  • Santa
  • Excalibur
  • Mighty Wizard
  • Silverback
  • Barrel Tank
  • Genie
  • Fire Ring
  • Kings foil
  • Broken Fence
  • Sangria
  • Studio Time
  • Goblin Treasure
  • Tin Thomas

How to collect Rare Cards in coin master?

There are many ways to collect rare cards in the coin master. I will share about some of these methods in detail with you.

Buy and Open Chest

One of the simplest way to collect rare cards in coin master is by buying chest on each and every village. Buy chests also in a sequence First of all buy wooden chests and keep the wooden chests open until a 4 star card is found. After that buy Golden Chest and buy Golden Chest till you get 5 Star Cards. And in the last you buy Magical Chest, in this way you will purchase Chest, you will get the Rare Card very easily.

Trade rare cards with friends

When a rare card is with one of your friends and you want that card, then you can trade the normal rare card with your friend. This method of card exchange is called trade card with friend.

Join Facebook group for rare card trading

Just as you trade cards with your friend, in the same way you can join the Facebook group and collect the card. You can trade cards on the official group of the coin master, in addition to this there are also many trading groups of fans of coin master, where you can collect rare cards by participating in giveaway.

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