Types Of Pets In Coin Master | Coin Master Game

If you want to know the types of pets in coin master then you are at right place. Today i will let you know the different types of pets in coin master.

I will also share the uses of pets in coin master. Below i have shared the complete list of coin master pets and its uses.

Types of Pets -Coin Master

There are three types of pets in coin master.

  1. Foxy
  2. Tiger
  3. Rhino
I will provide you the details about how to activate foxy. How to use Foxy and when it is very important while plying coin master.


To activate foxy you need pet food. Once activation it helps you in raid for next four hours. When you are plying raid master event, you should activate foxy. At the time of raid , you have 3 chance of digging but if you are playing with foxy then you may get one extra chance.


You can also activate tiger by feeding pet food. Tiger also remains active for 6 hours after activation. When you participate in an attack master event, you must activate Tiger. Playing using Tiger gives you extra coin rewards.


Rhino are used to protect the village. Rhino protects your village. Rhino acts as a shield.

Apart from above benefit and advantages, Activation of pets provide you xp , which is used to increase the pet power . It also improve the player ranking in game.

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